I have a six year old daughter. She is becoming short tempered and angry at this early age. She speaks loudly , is not ready to listen at all , and gets violent & aggressive .She hits herself when I warn her that I am going to beat her. Well as a couple we have been fighting in front of her .She has been taking sides on a defensive manner for either for papa or mummy who so ever she felt was week . I am mother. I am also short tempered .I speak loudly , show her anger by shouting at her and when she goes out of control hitting her badly .As a parent both of us our short tempered we doesn't know to mind our anger and control in front of our daughter. We fight and she is crying profusely and pleading to stop. Kindly advise as I am worried for my daughter that She gets angry very fast .Demonstrate anger by speaking loudly hitting herself. She is small and has so much anger

Swati Jaishali

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Sep 19, 2016

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