i have started solids for my 6 mnth old.. nd since she is undeweight i want to combine bottle and breast feed.. can u please give me a routine schedule wich vl i cn follow


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Oct 10, 2016

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my 11 month old son has got redness near the black..

Shafia May be your son got hurt & its not in you..

my 6 months baby is suffering from runny nose plzz..

hi Arva, Need to show him to your paediatrician

Hi my son is 5months often getting cold and cough.

hi Maria, shall advise you to see your paediatric..

my 2 and half month baby has cough and cold. plea..

hi Debarati , for a 2 month old it is not advisa..

Hello. . my boy is 5 months old & had fever coming..

hi Bhakti , its Ok and do complete the coarse of..


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