Are you over-parenting?

Nidhi Sharma

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Are you over parenting

There is quite a thin line between parenting and over-parenting. What are you parenting or over-parenting? Over-parenting is when you don’t let your child take responsibility for anything in her life. Be it anything – dress she may choose, tying her laces, or even as mundane as combing her hair. Our proparent blogger Nidhi Sharma Dhami shares what is over-parenting and are you one of the over-parenting parents?

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ankita Sharma

| Mar 25, 2017

My concern is my daughter does not eat until she watches her favorite videos of mobile. while eating she needs mobile pour some suggestions making her eat without mobile I tried keeping her busy in colouring while eating but didn't worked everytime.

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Chiroshree Mazumder

| Feb 20, 2017

thank you... will definitely keep that in my mind....

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| Feb 11, 2017

hi there!! for moms who are unable to make the kids eat..... here's the mantra..... firstly allow your child to sit beside you n have food from your plate but a bit side I mean divide his part of food n encourage him or her to eat ...no matter how much mess they make ....or time they take secondly n slowly give them little amounts of food to taste .....n eat by themselves.... start with their favorite one..... n give compliments n encouragement..... initially it takes lot of patience n time for mothers but this really works.... coz it's my experience with my 4 years daughter...

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Alka Chawla Chopra

| Feb 07, 2017

yaa also I m facing d same problem ...I m a working mother and unable to Serve lunch ... at dinner I feed him he eats well but from school his lunch is back untouched and even at noon he is not taking his food ..please suggest something

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Deepak Pandey

| Feb 07, 2017

Thanks for sharing such wonderful message with us. on most occasions, we as humans err without knowing that we actually did. May be we are so burdened with our work, or relationship or any other thing that revolves around our lives that we don't see the cause of our failures. And, yes, this affects our parenting too. so, I truly agree with your point that we should not over do with our children.

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Shraddha Dubey

| Feb 02, 2017

Very useful message and thanks for your suggestions

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Ridhi Doomra

| Jan 27, 2017

Hi monika ... on a regular and casual basis ask your children to do small tasks which they can perform or at least they can try.. initially they may mess up with lot of things but eventually they will learn if you guide them by helping and correcting them.. Also I feel we should not force them but it should be very casually done

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Monika Gangwani

| Jan 19, 2017

I agree to this. My daughter is 4. 5 years old so I would like to know what tasks are there that she can do by herself .. she brushes herself in my observation ..she can wear her jacket and zip up ..she can wear her socks and leggings ..still she doesn't eat her food properly doesn't finish it i hv to feed her.. I hv a 11 months old son also so I hv to feed him also..

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Sahana Munoli

| Jan 16, 2017

thank u

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Rizwana khan

| Jan 15, 2017

As a parent I do agree that this is the correct time to make the child do the basic things on his own like wearing clothes, combing hair etc.

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Alpana Deshpande

| Jan 13, 2017

I agree... I beleive that children should do their things on their own. We as parents must allow them to grow explore through different learning experiences.... I have started doing that and it works..... good luck

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Ruchi Rana

| Jan 11, 2017

good one.

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Rekha Kothari

| Jan 11, 2017

let it be late to school one day but next day they will try to do fast as they will be more worried. I have tried it with my kids.

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Rekha Kothari

| Jan 11, 2017

Hi, I agree to this subject of over parenting. I always try to make my daughters do their work by themselves such as my younger daughter started taking bath by herself ,wearing clothes and combing her hairs neatly when she was 3yrs old. Im involving my elder daughter in kitchen for chopping vegetables. My younger one use to mess the home but nowadays I taught her that princess keeps there home neat nd as a result she wants to be like princess nd tries to keep her things on place. Its very imp to make our kids self dependent atleast they could do there own work nd try to help us too.

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| Jan 11, 2017

very nice article. I guess all of do over parenting for our first child. information will help us.

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Roh Menon

| Jan 10, 2017

What's the right age for us to direct kids to have their meal on their own?

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Ashwini Srivatsa

| Jan 10, 2017

This is a very good article. I feel our kids have to grow freely and have the opportunity to open up, and not always be dependent on someone.

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Fazila Mansuri

| Jan 09, 2017

May be I think sometimes I do over parenting .... some times its to save time as it's getting late for school..... May be I am over protectively

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