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Identifying and nurturing the gift-area for your child


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Identifying and nurturing the gift area for your child

One of the interesting aspects to surface in a recent study was a query around gifted children. Both parents and teachers had observations but were not sure whether the child was gifted in a certain area and whether they were doing what is right. This prompted me to write about identifying the gift for your child followed by nurturing your gifted child. This blog also address some of the key aspects for schools, parents and educators around nurturing gifted children.

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| Jul 19, 2016

hi Adi! i understand your excitement and about helping your child's talent. you could continue to help your child with music and movement and get him to experience as much variety of age appropriate music. it would also help him with his gross motor development at this stage. observe for some more months before you look at a teacher for him.

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Parentune Support

| Oct 07, 2013

That's an interesting thought Adi. You are perhaps providing for timely inputs and that's great. :)

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| Sep 21, 2013

Hi, my son is 2. 8 years old. He loves dancing. And while at Home he will put songs n dance for hours. I got him to to attend dance classes, there he doesnt jus get downs from the chair. Wat to do? I really think he can s talented and given proper training wiø get bettet

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DrSonali Bassi

| Jul 21, 2013

Very well written Nitin! I truly agree with every point you have made.

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| Jul 05, 2013

Very informative and helpful blog should be read by every parent as many a times we overlook the gifted potential of a child in a certain area as nothing great but just as a little smarter types. As it is a general tendency to believe a child that is gifted to be a child prodigy capable of learning and performance in all areas without any special support.

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