Raising a teenage daughter – what to expect

Shweta Chopra

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Raising a teenage daughter what to expect

The core of a mother's love is about nurturing and protecting. But bringing up a growing teen girl can be like walking on a tight rope. You have to maintain the balance so that there are no mishaps. There are times when you will have to stay firm in your decision to impose curfew or restrictions on your teen daughter. For her wellbeing of course! And in doing so there will be times when you have to hear stinging barbs and still stay calm outwardly. Our blogger Shweta Chopra shares some ideas to cope up with the pressures of bringing up a teen – especially a daughter.

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Jyoti Issac

| Oct 05, 2016

woow.. very nice write up.

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Rajashree Bhagwat

| Sep 28, 2016

Wow! Wonderfully articulated. Being guilt free, sharing our own experiences as a teen and giving the credit we deserve are the most essential aspects of parenting teens today. As rightly said, being assertive in our decisions is important. Reinforcement, is where most of the parents fail and give in to the demands of our teenagers, the very reason being our own priorities. And kids take the undue advantage of our liberty. Parenting a teen is no doubt a difficult task but it is a passing phase and will soon pass by. Patience, endurance and discipline are three important elements.

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Lakshmi Kiran

| Sep 27, 2016

It is what i am facing evryday. i m trying my level best to get connected with her. thanq for ur tips. expecting some more tips to handle teen daughters now a days for mothers like us.

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Canisha Kapoor

| Sep 26, 2016

Teenage and Pre-teen are the time when -- if your connect with your child is not strong -- you may have start battle grounds at home. Hence it is important to have a strong connect with your child before she hits pre-teen. Good post Shweta.

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| Sep 22, 2016

Hi U hv penned ur thoughts very nicely. Undoubtedly teenage is very difficult and it is all the more difficult to handle teenagers. Whatever we do, there remains something more to b done. Patience is the most important key at this stage.

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