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10 months baby having low weight

Damini Shrivastav Khare

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Jul 22, 2015

Hi All, My baby is of 10. 2 months and still weighing 6. 2 kgs. Her birth weight was 2. 8 kgs but on later months her weight is increasing very slow. Please suggest how I can increase her weight. Also she has stopped my feed completely. I give her top feed and solids.

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Damini Shrivastav Khare

| Jul 22, 2015

Thnx Simran. She don't have any other problem. She is super active. Can u plz let me know what I can give her to eat? She likes buiscuits very much and eats 2-3 every day.

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simran sharma

| Jul 22, 2015

Hello damini, make sure you give her healthy food. Do checkup with the doctor if there is any other reason for this low weight. , However i dont think you should be focusing on increasing her weight if she doesnot have any problem,, Just give her healthy food.. and dont give her ghee and butter, they harm in excess quantities

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