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11month baby not liking to have Rice yet


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Nov 02, 2015

I gave 11 months old baby gal weighs about 9 kgs who doesn't like to have Rice. In whatever and whichever way I try to feed she refuses the food. She basically doesn't like to have food. Anything u feed her she puts a weird expression on her face. I don't understand why she is refusing the food like that being 11months old she should be in a position to have anything ,Right?

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| Nov 02, 2015

Hi Apoorva.. My son is also 11months.. you can try giving her dalia khichdi with veggies,boiled apple,mashed banana as a snack.. dont force her giving rice.. just wait and try after few days. .

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Preena Agarwal

| Nov 02, 2015

Hi Apoorva! My daughter is pretty much of the same age and weight and she dislikes rice. So instead of that I have chosen for options which she would enjoy eating. You can try oats and apples boiled together for sweetness you can add dates or sweet potato. Mash it and feed her. You could also try mashed ripe banana for snacks. Sweet potato fried in coconut oil with a pinch of salt. Sweet lime juice is one of her favourite. You try zucchini and bell peppers saute in cocunt oil(make sure it is extra vigin) and add pinch of salt and black pepper. EXperiment with new food. Do not force feed her otherwise she would lose interest in eating. Hope this helps.

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| Nov 02, 2015

Hi Apoorva, she should be having semi solid food by now... mashed etc. keep trying newer things--pureed fruits and evegtables, khichdi etc, till you get an inkling of what she likes and what she doesnt.

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