2 year old not speaking in Play school


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Jan 23, 2013

Hi,   My son is two year old. he is going to play school from last 6 months. Now, he sings lot of rhymes, speaks lot of words, a b c d, 1 to 10 etc. at home. He is very playful and cooperative all the time at home.     But, he is not at all speaking in school. Though, he is good in doing all activities in school.     Even he does not like to respond to strangers in words, prefer to respond by body language only.     How should I help him in talking with everyone?

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ashokkumar mjl

| Feb 07, 2013

my son is 2. 5 yrs old and he speaks very well in house. he has friends from 3 to 80 years... entire street.... but routine complain from play school is that he is not even lifting in his face or talk to anyone in school... but when he comes to home he speaks to the core, tell rhymes, call all with names etc.... we still encourage him and keep telling him that he is speaking in the school, he will speak in school... good that he observe everything in school and he comes to home tell us...

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| Jan 27, 2013

Thank you so much for suggestions. I will follow as suggested by all :)

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| Jan 24, 2013

Hi! please check this link below for a similar discussion and suggested reccomendations http://www.parentune.com/parent-talk/my-18-month-old-daughter-hasnt-yet-started-talking/137

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| Jan 24, 2013

Hey Priyadarshini, some children are just plain and simple "shy" , i agree with sanju here that it may improve over time but it is perfectly normal for a two year old to refrain from talking in environments/ people where the child may not be comfortable. It is however a good idea to keep prompting him ( but not push him) and also together with the teachers in school encourage him to express himself. Most children come around after 1-2 years in the school. Some may even take longer but eventually they all do.

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| Jan 24, 2013

hi, I think this kind of problem is quite common in this age kids.. even i am facing the same problem. my daughter is 5yr now and going to formal school but she is still not quite open to her teachers and friends. In play school also we faced same problem. But now gradually she has started interacting with her friends in school. When we talked to her teacher she told us sometimes kids take time to open. Ask his teachers to keep on interacting with him.

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| Jan 23, 2013

Hi Priyadarshini. Since your son is speaking at home and doing well in the playschool, I do not think there is anything to be concerned about. However, you may explain to him that he should talk when at the playschool and if he does the same thing at home, try and ignore him and tell him that you will listen to him only when he tells you what he wants. He is probably not very comfortable around strangers or people who are not family. Please give him sometime and he will gradually be coaxed to communicate in the playschool by his peers.

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