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3 yrs old gal baby

Muhil Arasi

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Nov 28, 2015

Dear all. My gal s getting sick for every 4 months once. like cold. fever. eye infection. I am very much worried about her. and the weight she have is only 13 now. what can I do to make her healthy? She s at times picky eater.

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shipra gaur

| Nov 28, 2015

hi dear.... i wud like to share my exp wid u... im moter of 6 yr old boy.. n he use to hv same problms.... i consult a dr.. he said it will happen til age of 5 as our immune system develops till dis age.... so they r more prone to all types of diseases.... no need to worry.... bt as a mother i cn understand u completely.... i will tell u wat i did.... i started giving him turmeric in milk... when ever he gets flu... its a natural immunity enhancer.... and i use to boil tulsi.. indian basil n mix dat concoction wid his milk or drinkig water.... u know u wont believe i went to unani dr ...n he gave him chavyanprash... n after dat period of falling sick every mnth almost delayed for six mnths... really.... n if u want there is a medicine septilin of himalaya company.... its for immunity development... if u want u cn gv dat to her for atleast ,3 mnths.... i hope all dis b helpful fo u

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