5. 5 month old baby

Jeevitha Loganathan

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Dec 22, 2015

My baby 5. 5 month old. My baby not going motion in 3 days, what to do? Please help me give any idea.

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Priyamvadha VijayShankar

| Dec 24, 2015

You can also soak olarandha drakshai (dried grapes) overnight, squeeze and give one ounce of the juice.

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Priyamvadha VijayShankar

| Dec 24, 2015

Hi, the same thing happened with my son when he was 4 months old, even though I was completely breastfeeding him. My pediatrician asked me to start one ounce of mosambi (green orange) juice without adding any water and to strain the juice using a medium strainer.

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Archita Jha

| Dec 23, 2015

Agree with Aishwarya. Its completely normal for babies not to poop for 6 days also. Hope the baby is passing urine though... if yes then you dont have anything to worry about, specially if your baby is completely on your feed.

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Aishwarya Ganesh

| Dec 22, 2015

If your baby is completely breastfed you don't have to worry about the poop. Just check, weather the baby is wetting the diaper. My baby dint poop for six days completely normal, I breastfed her completely for six months. If you have started with solids, do consult the pediatrician.

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