5 year old girl shot - who has the real story


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Aug 22, 2012

It is disheartening to read early morning in the newspaper that a five year old girl was shot in Gurgaon and is struggling for her life in the ICU of a hospital . I always felt the media has a way of just about putting any story without checking for the facts . Hindustan Times wrote - The parents were seeeing off some guests at the gate and the child sneaked near the security guard and began toying with the gun and it accidently went off TOI/ I ndian Express wrote - The parents were coming back from a trip and were unloading the car and the child was playing nearby when the security guard shot her .   Why can't the newspapers get the facts right ? We look to these papers for our daily news and this begs to ponder , what all are they writing fictional.   I pray for little Vanya and hope that she is alright . If this was indeed an accident .... who is responsible??

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