5th month#brest pain


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Feb 05, 2016

I m running in my 5th month and avoiding bra these days due to brest tenderness. i m worried if avoiding bra could effect my figure.

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Sara M

| Feb 25, 2016

Never avoid wearing Bra. I did that mistake. Breast tenderness is a very common problem. Go for comfortable maternity bras

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Dr Pooja Attrey

| Feb 05, 2016

U have to switch many sizes during pregnancy n even after that.. for a proper fit!but u should try n wear bra if u want to prevent breast sagging.. coz of soft tissue bulk increase and increase in Nmbr of milk ducts as our body is getting ready for lactation post pregnancy.... breasts become quite heavy n tender... u need to give proper support... But if u r comfortable wdout wearing one... That is also fine..

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gayatri chadwa

| Feb 05, 2016

It is ok if you dont wear a bra for sometime.. breast tenderness will reduce gradually.. you can try buying a new better fitting bra if you are not comfortable without it..

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