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Foziya Memon

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Jun 29, 2015

helo i hv started abacus class for my son.. does it really improve mathematics skill..

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| Jun 29, 2015

Hi @foziya, As simran said Abacus helps in doing the arithmetic calculations faster. but only calculations. It doesn't teach mathematical skills. I hope you agree that math is not just about numbers and arithmetic calculations. Abacus doesn't deal with logical reasoning, spatial relationship, patterns, geometry, probability, statistics or even mathematical reasoning or mathematical thinking to think through the problem to solve the problem. Faster calculation is required to certain extent. But focusing more on the other aspects of math helps in understanding complex mathematical concepts at later stage. From my perspective, I don't see any added advantage in abacus. But as long as your child doesn't feel the extra pressure in attending Abacus class, there is no harm in learning it either.

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simran sharma

| Jun 29, 2015

Abacus is a really good thing for kids if they practice it daily. Without practicing daily, it does not give good results. Make sure your child practices daily and does HW daily rather than just before the abacus class, Also abacus learning is best if your son does it till the end, leaving the course in between not only results in wastage of your money but also your child's time. Ask your child if he really have interest in it. If he does have then abacus is good and it will surely improve calculations skills. :)

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