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Rekha Sharma

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Nov 23, 2015

Please let me know that presently 4 th month of pregnancy is running . And I am still suferring from nausea and vomiting... What should I have to do and what should be the precautions taken.....

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harleen kaur

| Nov 27, 2015

Hi! Im sailing in the same boat! My ganae has changed a few supplements that i was taking as many can trigger nausea. Even different makes of folic acid hv that capavity. Also there sre ginger based toffees that can help you in relaxing nausea. Dont force urself to eat or drink anything if u don't feel like. Dont worry about nutrition to the baby.... Baby will get all that it needs fromur body anywats. Small low fat meals... flavored curd, green tea these are the things which are said to work too! Walking in open air helps too. Try not to b empty stomsch fr a long time, munch on anythinh: just 2-3 badaams, nutri biscuits or whatever u feel like. The more empty ur stomach will b fr longer hours, nausea would b more. And yes... Make naariyal paabi ur best frnd!!! All the best :)

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Rachna Ahuja

| Nov 24, 2015

Hey, Congratulations on your pregnancy. There's nothing much u can do about it. Your gynae will recommend you some medicine which will help, try to stay away from the thing which makes you puke. It will go after few months, don't worry just eat healthy n b happy coz vomiting will make you realize about the happiness you r going to get in few months :)

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| Nov 24, 2015

Hi rekha... Congratulations on ur pregnancy... Nausea and vomitting are very common symptoms ... They would slowly stop by 5 months. u would not even realise they have stopped.... There s nothing much u can do... Eat healthy and stay happy... :) :)

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Neha Singh

| Nov 24, 2015

Hey rekha congratulations for ur pregnancy. See nausea and vomiting r common symptoms of pregnancy there is no any particular precautions for that. If u don't like food smell then try to go out from the room when it's cooking. Smells what you like. In my case soap play a important part. Hope this will help u little. All d best

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