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Kajal Khurana

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Sep 30, 2015

Can I giv solid food to my 5 n half month boy

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Anupama Sheregar

| Oct 05, 2015

Hello kajal.. do discuss wid ur baby ped. n go ahead Its always gud to start wid liquids like dal water n rice water n den xpose baby to semi liquid foods like rice powder in water n thin dal pastes Tak each step slowly n let baby accept watever he is receivin fr d frst tym.. by 6 mths introduce wid variety one thng at a tym n observe baby if all gud u cn mak a time table fr diffrnt foods each day All d best n njoy dis bful tym wid ur baby :)

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Bandhavi Mandre

| Oct 01, 2015

I don't think we can give salt to babies who is not even an year old. As Nikitha rightly said it is always better to consult paediatrician.

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Debika Ghosh

| Sep 30, 2015

Yes, I started at 4. 5 months. I started with masoor dal khichri with some veggies and masoor dal-roti (roti soaked in dal), boiled apple. Introduce dishes one at a time. Add butter/ghee, salt and even spices (like cumin). Toddlers usually like the salty taste and lap it up. salt

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| Sep 30, 2015

Hi Kajal, ideally check with your paediatrician whether it is right time to start your child on solid food. Each child has a separate growth and need and your doctor can advise you best.

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