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Naina Rathod

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Oct 06, 2015

Hi my daughter is 8 mnth old n won't take any food or juices.. how to fed her.. plz suggest

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Leena Mehta

| Oct 07, 2015

Hi.. I am a mother of an 8 month old too... please give mashed fruits.. apple.. banana.. papaya You must give your child a variety so that he does not get bored... mashed bread in warm milk with some sugar... Mashed potato with little salt ... can add bread to this as well Khichadi with veggies... all mashed Puree of roti with some salt added Different soups.. vegetable.. chicken etc Cheese slice... chocos in hot milk once it gets soft (your baby will love it) Custard with grated fruits makes s nice dessert for them You can make powder of ragi & almonds and add a little everyday to his food as these are very good

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sapna shaji

| Oct 07, 2015

Hi Naina, Iam a mother of a 7 months old boy and we had been to his pediatrician as we had to start semi solids food. First time try ragi or banana powder mix but only 1 spoon let the baby like the taste see for 2 to 3 days whether the baby has any allergy .Then continue with it ,next week add mashed vegetables to the diet. after a week add fruits that should be banana,apples,chikoo and papaya any one fruit as per your baby's taste ( one thing never steam the fruits coz it will loose all the fiber valueand they won't have constipation) just grate or mash it. then last week start dal water or khichadi. So after a month you will have everything in your baby's diet. Lastly breastfeeding should also be done apart from the above. The trend should be morning feed the baby with ragi or banana powder ( 8 to 9 am),afternoon with mashed veg ( 12 to 1pm) evening fruits ( 4 to 5pm) Night dal water,khichadi or raji mix ( 8 to 9pm)

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Lakshmi Kapoor Verma

| Oct 07, 2015

Pls try different food types with your lo .. Start with fruit mashes .. Kids love banana and apple .. You can also try some khichdi or cerelac depending upon your child's age

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| Oct 07, 2015

Dear Naina, could you please elaborate on what kind of food have you been offering your baby? Also if you can write about her normal schedule then the fellow parents may find it easier to make suggestions :) Thanks

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