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Sep 25, 2012

Activity groups for kids aged 5. 5 yrs and 18 mnths.   Hi. I have 2 daughters aged 5. 5 yrs and 18 months. Am looking at groups for my daughters, where we can take them out for picnics,visit to a museum,zoo,historical monuments in and around Delhi/trip on a HOHO bus etc. The weather is going to be good in Delhi starting Oct. Also a group, where we could exchange books- Have loads of lady birds/early readers/Scholastic that I would want to exchange. My daughter finishes 1 book and doesn't want to visit them again.. And I can't find a library in Vasant Kunj,where we stay..

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| Oct 03, 2012

Thanks Bhawna. Keep doing it.. But the pblm is most of her school frnds stay far.. and meeting every week is not possible. Looking for a club, that has activities planned every week - and we can be a part of it, by registering , for that particular day. Similar to the cycling club, walking club etc.

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| Sep 28, 2012

hey shevani , just an idea , when i want to take my daughter i call up the parents of the kids of her class in school and most of the time other parents are also looking for such things only no one takes the initiative... so i call and organise and mostly a couple of the parents join in and we have a good time ... sometimes it is as simple as a sandwich party followed by a game of twister ,on my terrace where the kids make their own sandwiches ( i do the leg work and they just have to assemble them ), the kids also make their own nimbu paani , its a lot of mess at the end of the evening but the kids are so happy and chirpy ... its a lot of fun..

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Praveen Premkumar

| Sep 26, 2012

Hi Shevani, this sounds interesting. Even I'm not aware of such groups, and am eager to hear from some Parent in and around Delhi who could help us...

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