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Age for limiting spoon feeding

Ap Arna

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Aug 14, 2015

Hi... my child is 2. 9 yr. she can very well eat with herself and finishes tiffin at school but at home she refuse to eat on herself and ask for spoon feeding.... sometimes I don't agree n then she leaves the food as it is . I feel very guilty n start feeding her. she is a slow eater n it takes almost an hour to feed her which is really nt possible for working mother! Please guide me how should I train her with self feeding?

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Ap Arna

| Aug 17, 2015

Thanks megha ,will try some ideas, thank u

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Megha Chawla

| Aug 17, 2015

Hi, use to happen with me too, I know it requires a lot of patience, the reasons sometimes can be many. Like when they don't like the food, want attention or just want to play. I will just say have patience and this too shall pass, maybe having a meal together, wherein the whole family sits and eats together. Also making a proper area fixed for feeding like a mat or table chair and making sure the child eats daily. Besides, I tried not having any other activity when she is eating like no phone, no TV or ipad. Hope this helps

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