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Am planning to start my career after a long gap for my motherhood. All my worry is what arrangements can be made for my daughter, though many options available am worried about he feelings, how to train her mentally for this?please help with your suggesti


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May 09, 2015

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| May 11, 2015

Thank u shika and ruchi your suggestions were very valuable to me.

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| May 10, 2015

Dear Jayashree, I have been with the similar situation like yours two months back. I got a good job offer and I was keen to join although I was worried about my 2. 5 yrs old son, as he was very attached to me specially he used to eat only with my hands. But now I can proudly say I made a good decision to join a job. As I have seen my child learning, maturing and growing very well in his day care, also since he stays with his father after school, he is equally attached to his father now. So please do not feel guilty and I would suggest if your daughter is very young then keep her with your family at home else you should start sending her to nursery cum day care from now onwards for limited time and you can increase the time subsequently so that she is accustomed to the day care environment. Also give good time to her once you are back from your job and on weekends and ask her about her day when you meet everyday after work. Good luck :-)

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Shikha Batra

| May 09, 2015

Hi Jayashree! I appreciate yr concerns regarding yr child. It does take lot of preparation as well as rearrangements to start afresh after a long gap. The preparation would be required more on yr end than the child. U could take following steps: 1. Prepare yrself mentally that what u r doing is essential for yr own self. 2. have faith that yr child won't be neglected and u won't be doing injustice to her. So come out of that guilt feeling 3. Take help of yr/hubby family members for taking care of yr child while u will be away for work. 4. It is advisable not to sound anxious or weak while discussing this topic with yr child as it would pass on yr anxieties to her. 5. Take help of yr child in planning everyday schedule by allotting time slots for play, rest, studies and sleep. 6. Give her work to finish so that she feels responsible for herself. 7. you could call her in between to ensure her well being. 8. Plan yr day in such a manner that u have time for her after u r back from work. 9. Show faith in caregivers as this would build on her confidence that she is in safe hands. 10. Appreciate her for being able to manage well and also u could surprise her at times with food or gifts of her choice. Rest assured that u will do well. All the very best Jayashree!

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