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Any body please tel Me the daily food chart for one year two month old child. She s underweight. What are the foods I can gov to improve her weight

Ancy John

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Oct 14, 2015


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Kavya Srinivash

| Oct 14, 2015

Even I'm facing d same problem ,my lil one s also 1year 2months nd her weight s 8kg

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| Oct 14, 2015

My baby girl is 17 months old... I'm also facing same problem with my kid. She doesn't eat egg. Even any other food makes her bored with 4/5 spoons itself. Plz help me if there is any other way to give her egg instead of boiled egg.

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Swathi V

| Oct 14, 2015

From the age of 1 they have similar taste buds as ours so u can try all kinds of foods but introduce one at a time

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| Oct 14, 2015

U can give one egg daily.. Lots of vegetable soup's

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Nisha Mathew

| Oct 14, 2015

For a 14 month old baby, you can start giving all kinds of food.

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