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Are chinese noodles good for kids


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Dec 07, 2015

Hello, My 3year old girl kid likes noodles. But I don't prefer it. Can you please advice if Instant veg noodles- Chinese - good for health ?

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| Dec 07, 2015

I am good thankyou. Hope you are doing well. Thankyou so much for the advice.

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Shikha Batra

| Dec 07, 2015

Hi Deepika! How r u? Chinese noodles or for that matter any dish from outside could not be good for kids for we are unaware of the ingredients used especially the sauces. It is advisable to give the child home made preparations so that we can be assured of the type of ingredients that have gone in its preparation and their quality. You can find many recipes available on net. Having said that indulging once in a while in feasting say once in a month or so can be done. Coming to your specific query on instant noodles: all instant noodles have always been considered unhealthy and dealt with speculation because of additives, preservatives and flavorings added to these to increase their shelf life. I would personally not endorse these especially for kids. Hope this helps!

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