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Apr 03, 2014

hi there, my daughter is 3 yrs old.. n like every othr kid ,she does get cold n cough frequently. my frnds hd told me abt ayurvedic medicine to b given.. (sithophaladi powder to b given with honey)... n it worked. bt later wen i hd to visit the peadrician for vaccination, i happnd to ask frm wen cn i give her chawanprash , to boost her immunity, he ws against ayurveda medication. he also said tht sme children develop certain problem in the long run coz of ayurvedic medication. hence i seek guidance as to ayurveda is gud for kids or no.. also frm wen cn i give chawanprash to my daughter. plz help.

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| Apr 03, 2014

Dear Jasmine, children under the age of 5 years have a low immunity and may frequently fall ill. My daughter was a real fussy eater and used to be ill every 2 months but shes 5 now and barely gets sick. Now even if she catches a cold, it takes it course and she recovers within a week. I would suggest that you continue giving your daughter fresh, healthy home made food, ensure that she gets enough time outdoors and the required amount of sleep among other things. Her immunity is developing and very soon she will not fall ill so often. You may choose to continue with ayurveda if you feel it is beneficial but frequent bouts of cough and cold is normal for little children and they do get stronger with age. Hope this helps :)

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| Apr 03, 2014

thnk u..

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Parentune Support

| Apr 03, 2014

Hi Jasmine! This reading is not strictly in line with the query, but does list out some natural ways to keep cold & cough away for children. http://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/herbs-that-heal/177

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