Baby blues

Navrati Sharma

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Dec 15, 2015

Hii everyone.. I just had a baby but I m undergoing serious crisis as I am not able to connect to the baby and having intense cry spells.. it feels that everyone is happy with the baby but not me ... I feel so low and dejected all the time ... What should I do.. It feels like I was just meant for this only .. I havent got breastmilk yet.. Please help me in this regard as its getting difficult to cope up with the present situation

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Archita Jha

| Dec 15, 2015

Navrati, its a completely normal phenomenon called PPD (post partum depression). Many of us, me included, have gone through this, so dont worry. Like Arunima has suggested, this phase will soon pass. Just relax and get to know the super lil one and you will find the connection happening. Also try and breastfeed. It takes time initially, the key is to relax. Just remember, you and your baby are both beginners in this. So take it easy.

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| Dec 15, 2015

Hi Navrati. Feeling low is very common soon after delivery. The hormones are partly to be blamed as well. Give yourself time. At the same time think of the positive changes your baby has brought for you and the family. Keep breastfeeding as its the best way to bond with your baby. The more your baby nurses, the more milk your body will produce. Breastfeeding also releases a feel good hormone which makes you closer to your baby. Enjoy the quiet nursing moments you have, take time and look at your baby's features, the tiny hands, the tiny feet. Your baby knows your smell, your touch, your voice and feels the most secure with you. Take comfort in these things. Things are difficult at the start, so find time to catch up on sleep, take help from the others and take time to do things you feel like doing like stepping out for a meal with your husband or meet your friends for a coffee. These activities seem very difficult at the moment but if family members co-operate then they are not impossible. Take pride in your baby, find time for yourself and take help. You will soon feel better. Think positive, you will feel positive. Babies grow up very fast Navrati, so try and live this moment with your baby :) I hope my message helps in a small way. Take care.

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| Dec 15, 2015

Hey it will take some time sure you will overcome ..enjoy motherhood its priceless

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