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Navrati Sharma

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Oct 11, 2015

Why is that new born babies are made to wear old clothes.. What is d reason? Please advise

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Lakshmi Kapoor Verma

| Oct 11, 2015

There seems to be no logical explanation behind this apart from the fact that in earlier times used clothes we tried nd tested for any sort of allergies plus washed cotton always seemed softer than new crisp ones .. My baby was born smaller than usual newborn size so had to buy brand new tiny baby stuff for her and she did just fine !

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Ishani s

| Oct 11, 2015

Hi Navrati, I don't think there is a scientific explanation to this. In my opinion this tradition was made because earlier people lived in joint families and there would always be clothes of elder kids (with babies outgrowing clothes very fast during early months, it would reduce expenses on clothes). Also may be buying new clothes was considered bad omen due to high infant mortality rates when deliveries happened at homes.

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