Baby cries a lot

Shaista Riaz Solanki

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Feb 21, 2016

Hi... my baby us just 1 month old... aese to sleeps well but at night starts he starts crying.. he doesn't feed... he tries to take milk but couldn't.. n cries atleast 2-3 hours.. jst can't understand whats happen him..

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Payal Shah

| Feb 25, 2016

Himalaya bonnispaz and Colicaid are two colic medicine which r really helpful to gassy babies.. u can gv any one of them twice a day mrng n evening..

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| Feb 25, 2016

Hi ! This happens because of colic, even I am going through the same thing with my baby ( he too is a month old). Our ped has recommended the medicine colicaid which is quite helpful as it helps baby get relieved of the gas ! Also at night baby gets very fussy try making the baby sleep on the stomach on top of you as it is quite comforting for the baby to be close to the mother.

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Aksa Shaikh

| Feb 24, 2016

Try making him sleep on his stomach on ur lap.. He'll feel better.. Its coz of colic only. Babies cry at night. Dnt worry he'll b fine.

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Shaista riaz solanki

| Feb 22, 2016

I gave him neopeptine drop n then decolic drop also after consulting a doctor.. only at night he does so..

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Swati Nitin Gupta

| Feb 21, 2016

Hi Shaista, have you tried making him sleep on his stomach. If it is gas problem he will feel better. Additionally you may give him bonnisan.

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| Feb 21, 2016

Hi.. it may be due to gas. just try Himalaya bonnispaz .burp every time when u feed.

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Pooja Mahajan

| Feb 21, 2016

Hi , try to check if he has pain somewhere or better consult ur pediatric. also check if you are having enough feed as he may cry due to hunger also

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Rekha Ramachandran

| Feb 21, 2016

I think he cries bcoz of gas trouble. im not sure anyway better u consult ur pdec

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