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Mansi Verma

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Sep 28, 2015

Hi, I want to ask as in what is the correct age to start semi solid or say pureed food to a baby. My mother in law is saying it when she is 4months old. But most of the websites on internet say not before 6 months of age. I want to ask all experienced moms, what u did with ur little one.. And what all u offered ur baby?

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Vaishu Uthish

| Oct 03, 2015

Hi.. my daughter was juz entered to 5th month nd I started cerelac n afte 10 days i planned for ragi kanji too.... babies r ready for solids wen dey complete deir 4 months..

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Rukhsar Khan

| Sep 29, 2015

Hi.. U can give the baby grinded fruits in milk... like apples chikoo banana... N daliya.. dats very healthy for the new born... I strtd with rice kanji to ma angel when she was 4mth..

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Aakanksha Nigam

| Sep 29, 2015

I started giving solid food to my baby daughter when she was five months old. I gave her dal ka pani,moong dal khichdi n cerelac.

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Preethy Senthilkumar

| Sep 28, 2015

Hi, Exclusive breastfeed till 6 mons is very important and it is good for baby's digestion. Baby can't digest if started early or too late. After 3 mons, based on baby's weight gain, pediatrician will advise if it is really required to start any supplements. Until then give only motherfeed. Also, please give home made food when you start supplements after 6mons.

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Suchitra Rao

| Sep 28, 2015

Till 6 months don't introduce any other food Mansi. Breastfeeding is best for baby. later u can give porridge, boiled sweet potato, carrot, apple, banana.

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| Sep 28, 2015

When the baby is 6 months,u can introduce semi solid food. we gave our son rice kanji(like porridge)... MASHED potatoes,carrots,apple little by little... U can even give cerelac... before 6 months it's only milk and formula if needed...

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