Baby gas

Viji Ravi

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Dec 20, 2015

Hello everyone My two month old baby having gas,and she is crying a lot while passing gas. kindly help .thanks in adv

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krishna shekhar

| Dec 25, 2015

Give him colic aid for gas problem. And to avoid further, do not allow baby to suck bottle even after finishing milk. And make sure to burpp baby after every feed. Let him take 'dakar'. Hold him upright and tap his back lightly. It is very important.

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Anita DSouza

| Dec 21, 2015

Gripe water is no longer advocated by the Indian academy of Pediatricians ! U need to put baby on her stomach it will relieve by itself

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Shruti Mehta

| Dec 20, 2015

Pls dun give anything my baby suffered wid d same problem but i helped her pass d gas by making her cycle her legs or putting her onto stomach.... by d time she reaches 4-4. 5 months dis will automatically vanish n d baby will b relieved of dis problem....

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Pallavi Deepak

| Dec 20, 2015

Hi.... viji u can give half tsps of grape water it's better to release the gas

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viji ravi

| Dec 20, 2015

Thank you neha kale ll try tis

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Neha Kale

| Dec 20, 2015

Make her sleep on stomach10-15 mins evry day... while passing gas her stomach might b paining.. slpng on stomach wl make easy to pass gas

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