Baby health issue in chennai

Mudra Oza

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Dec 08, 2015

Hi I live in chennai. due to current situation here my daughter got infection diehria n vomiting. My mother is asking me to come to gujarat as situation will worsen here n it will affect my Lil one's immunity. But my concern is my son's school he is 5 yr old and leaving my hubby in this situation. I am totally confused pls advise me

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| Dec 08, 2015

Hi Mudra! Sorry to know about this, while you are at home, you could try some tried & tested home remedies which don't have any side effects, this blog has a few which may be helpful- http://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/household-remedies-to-cure-sickness-in-children/438

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Vineesh Vijayan

| Dec 08, 2015

If you have access to clean water, food and child doctor then you can wait it out. If not.. its better that you get out of there till alls in control. The school authorities will understand your situation. My bro and his family were stranded there too, but they got out of there when the situation improved. I suggest you put your sons health first and stay outside chennai for few days.

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