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Priti Das

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Sep 24, 2015

Hi I have a daughter she is 8 months old her weight is 7. 2 kg she looks very thin her birth weight is 3. 2. I m very tensed abt her weights .suggest some good healthy and nutritious food which help my baby weight .

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Priya Ganesh

| Sep 27, 2015

Your baby weight is very much normal. She is perfect. Don't look for thin or fat, her weight growth is proper. By more 4 months she should be 9kgs I. e just 2kgs to go. Look out for her activeness, thats it. Chill...

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Selvi mohanraj

| Sep 25, 2015

The baby needs to be twice her birthweight by 6 months and thrice the birthweight by an year... This is the thumb rule. You have another 4 months there babies put on weight instantly so don't worry as long as she's active and eating well. Also babies who are on breastfeeding put on weight gradually.

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juhi khanna

| Sep 24, 2015

Its fine. My baby boy is also 8 months old and weighs 7. 8 kg. Doctor says he is right on track,even though I know he looks thin. He is v tall and v v active.. So don't worry

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Aishwarya Ganesh

| Sep 24, 2015

My baby is eight months too and weighs 7. 5 my pead said like she is a normal well baby as long as she is active. So don't worry feed her with fat rich food like cheese, potato, ghee, butter, bananas, chikoo etc.

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| Sep 24, 2015

Hi Priti, as long as your baby is active & healthy,there is no need to panic... babies post 7 months tends to loose weight as their activities increases. in 6-9month baby's weight becomes 1/3 of his birth weight & for 9-12months it settles down to 1/4 kg.. So plz look at your baby,not the scales... Food which can help in baby's weight are as follows: . ghee . butter . cheese . paneer . banana & chickoo . eggs . potatoes . khidchi. I hope this will help you.. happy motherhood:-)

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naushin hussain

| Sep 24, 2015

hi, i m a mother of two daughters n i m a little bit tense abt my elder daughters weight she is very thin n does not like to eat solid food to eat plzzz suggest me some interesting food i can give her.....

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