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Dec 11, 2013

Hi Fellow parents,   My daughter just turned 11years a month back and she has started with her pms now. I am actually worried how to handle this situation; however i have already told her about it all but all the time i find her confused, depressed and silent. How can i divert her mind and make her realize that it is the part of her life. Please suggest how to cheer her up.

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Meenambigai Rajesh

| Dec 12, 2013

Hi Shweta, sometimes ignorance will be bliss. May be ur daughter got a vague idea about the menstrual cycle early and that might have caused anxiety and obsession . Try avoiding talks about that and take her out . Take her out everyday to places close to nature like park and make her talk and listen happily. That might help. Allow her to play and spend time with girls of her same age. Listen to her favourite songs along with her. This might help. All the best!

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Shikha Batra

| Dec 12, 2013

Hi dearShweta! Well who knows we too have behaved in a similar manner. This is actually a stage of confusion for an adolescent. Not only do they have to accept bodily changes including mood swings due to hormonal changes but there is a plethora of issues they have to come to terms with such as friendships ( with same n opposite sex), physical appearance, acceptance in social circle, etc. so it is advisable try to be friends with ur child and let her open her heart out. And while advising u cud share ur personal experiences what u urself had to go thru during this phase. U cud suggest ways how she cud tackle this phase of stress and storm. U cud read articles or books how to tackle PMS and share ur thoughts with her. Ur daughter is looking for a friend so please be one and help her sail smoothly thru this phase.

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Parentune Support

| Dec 11, 2013

Hi Shweta! You may find this blog helpful. http://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/the-first-period-mothering-an-adolescent/379

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