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blood in stool


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Sep 30, 2015

Dear all parents, Please give your suggestion if you have ever experienced this in your child. My daughter now 3 year old has blood in stool during viral infection (Fever 102 , diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain). She had similar problem last december and then in april. 2015 and Now again in september. Her paediatrician adviced to have advise with some paediatric surgeon. But now she is ok with antibiotic course of 5 days.

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| Oct 01, 2015

Thanks a lot for your reply. It gives a bit relief.

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| Sep 30, 2015

Hi Anamikah, There can be many reasons for blood in stool such as constipation, a tear in tissues around rectum, some inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract (anywhere from esophagus to rectum). I think your daughter had gastroenteritis. heavy antibiotic can also cause gastroenteritis. if the bleeding is not heavy you need not worry. If she feels weak and there is heavy bleeding, then consult the surgeon immediately as per pediatrician's advice. Btw are you sure it's a viral infection. It has to be a bacterial infection as she was given antibiotics. Anyway avoid citrus fruits, spicy food and any outside food too. ensure she drinks clean water. if she goes for swimming lessons, then check if the water is clean. these are the main reasons why she gets recurring infection.

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