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Oct 26, 2015

My baby is 5 months now and she is breast fed exclusively till date. I am planning to go back to work next month and she will be 6 months by then. Please do let me know if I can start the solids. I have tried giving her bottle and she refuses it. I am not sure on how to handle this situation. Expecting some tips on the same.

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Kusuma K S

| Oct 27, 2015

Avoid using bottle... Try giving expressed breast milk through palada or small spoon.. Once she learns that you can slowly introduce other liquids like juice etc.

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| Oct 27, 2015

Hi Dheepthy, at 6 months you can start solids such as mashed banana, mashed boiled potato etc. also, you can try and express milk and give it to her with a spoon. Messy but once you and the child get a hang of it, it becomes easier. Also, if your daughter is sitting up, you could slowly start on a cup directly or a sippy cup.

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Pooja Masurkar

| Oct 27, 2015

U can start with liquids first. Start vth chaval and moong daal paani afterwards juices like sweet lime or pomogranate or water melon or Apple. However, check vth pediatrician before introducing new food to baby.

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