Bread n milk for infant skin


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Sep 22, 2015

I heard that bread n milk rubbing for baby skin makes skin fair n glow is it true if yes how should I use it for my baby. My is now 3 months old

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Sakshi Khera

| Dec 05, 2016

hi guys just joined the group can I apply this bread n milk mixture on my 6 month old baby face

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himanshi tayal

| Jun 20, 2016

can I do oil massage of olive oil before applying milk and bread scrub ?

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| Jun 01, 2016

After scrubbing with milk and bread, how long do I have to wait before I can bath the baby?

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Uma Nagarajan

| Sep 28, 2015

Hi all thanks for your useful information, take a egg whites and green dhal mix and put in sunlight in two days and grind this powder use to scrub baby definitely ur baby can glow and bright

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| Sep 27, 2015

Hi Tanvi, I am using it for my baby its really good.. Thanks a lot:)

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rashi mital

| Sep 24, 2015

Yeah it's very nice... I do it for my daughter too... However I add chironjee and badam powder to the paste as well.. I have powdered these two things and add little to the paste. My massage process includes oiling the baby (one part at a time), then scrub the paste, I use a lil oil to help the paste come off easily, and lastly I do loi ( dough made of atta, pinch of turmeric, lil besan, and kachcha milk). Make sure you do some exercises with the baby too.

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| Sep 23, 2015

Thank you Tanvi n rashi:)

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Tanvi Sharma

| Sep 23, 2015

Hi !!! I swear by milk and bread massage . I've been doing it for my baby since he was a month and half. It softens the skin, improves complexion and also gets rid off excess body hair. Just take a lil malai, raw ( kaccha) milk and add a slice of white bread into it by breaking into small pieces. Then mash and mix it with your hand to make it paste type. Make sure there isn't too much milk.. It needs to be semi liquid to allow you to scrub over your baby's body. Massage it all over and keep rubbing one body part at a time till the paste starts to come off. It's very smooth and soft on the baby , so don't worry ! Do let me know how it went :)

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| Sep 22, 2015

Hi Gayatri, why do you want to make your baby fair? Babies are naturally beautiful and their soft skins glow. Its too early to get into all these things. Just breastfeed your baby as long as possible for you and you also eat a balanced diet. You baby's skin will automatically be healthy.

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