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Mar 02, 2013

My kid Is 40 days Old. whenever awake he always ask for feed otherwise he keeps crying. is it ok to give him feed like this?? Any suggestion?  

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Poonam Moolchandani

| Mar 05, 2013

Hi Balveer ,the same case was with me whenever my princess use to be up she wanted little milk , actually in this case the kids decide how much they want . and yes make sure that the kid burps well as thats the main cause for gas problems

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| Mar 04, 2013

There are two schools of thought on this- feed every 2 hours, or feed on demand. Both have equal number of proponents. Why dont you go by your gut feeling and do what works best for you. Try feeding on demand, and if it helps, continue that. If it still does not, try treating your child for colic. So both Anurima and Prajakta's suggestions work in tandem!

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| Mar 02, 2013

Hey Balveer. Your baby is still very little. He needs to be feed on demand. As Prajakta has said, breast fed babies need to be nursed every two hours and formula fed babies may go without needing a feed a little longer. They will gradually increase the gap as they grow and once they are introduced to solid food. Babies also go through growth spurts where they feel hungrier than normal and may wake often at night for a feed. So you may feed him when he wakes up at night. It is completely normal, though very exhausting for us moms!

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| Mar 02, 2013

Thank you;)

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Prajakta Deodhar

| Mar 02, 2013

You should feed your baby every two hours for a duration of 20 mins. 10 mins on each side and if you start demand feeding all the time then things will be difficult for you and your baby as she grows up. She might be getting thursty bcoz of the increasing temperature.. you also need to check if she has colic because of which she might be crying and she wants to be fed just to sooth the somatch ace n get a comfort zone of moms lap.... hope this helps.. bye take care and all the best.

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