Breastfeed how to know it's sufficient

Sarneet Kaur

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Mar 21, 2017

My baby is doing potty... Having wet diapers... Her weight gain is proper.... The only thing that indicate my feed is not sufficient is her non satisfaction... She cries... Sometimes don't want to take feed get angry with me... Like she is saying no milk is their give milk to me.. show that she is hungry .... I m not getting what to do.... She even doesn't take formula milk... If we will give her forcefully then she take only 20-30ml only... So my husband says no need to give formula milk as 20-30 ml will do nothing for her

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Dharani Kumar

| Mar 21, 2017

plan ur diet which have high milk secretion, if the milk is not sufficient... do intake of water more... add more garlic in ur food... to know if you have sufficient milk tat reflects on ur baby... it will get adequate milk and gets her mouth away if you bf her.... keep on feed her... if its keep on crying check if you can expose ur milk

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