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Ritu Agarwal

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Oct 02, 2015

Hello everyone... My daughter is 15 months n I want to stop breast feeding... How can I?? Whenever she wants to sleep she needs my feed ... Else it's fine... Please suggest me

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| Oct 06, 2015

Hi Ritu u can tie some of ur fall off hairs on ur nipples n say ur child it will bite u... sooner ur child avoids feeding.. it really works... try once.. all d best

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prasanna agnihotri

| Oct 03, 2015

our moms and grandamothers used to apply biiter guard juice or soap nut drop etc on the nipple before feeding the baby.. they says that baby try to avoid feeding on their own as this tastes bitter ..

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Shikha Batra

| Oct 03, 2015

Hi Ritu! I am sure it is a difficult phase for every mom to Wean off a breastfeeding toddler. U could try to be nonchalant though it is difficult and during bedtime just disappear from yr toddlers room. u could take help of yr hubby or grandparents to take care of the child meanwhile. he could read out stories to the child and avoid any sort of distraction in room,play light soothing music which would help the child doze off. During daytime u could apply something sweet such as honey or sour such as lemon juice or ginger extract to put off yr child. You need to be strong as child might show his resentment initially by crying for hours together unless his demands are met. but don't give up and Keep diverting his mind with something interesting. I am sure everything will turn out to be hunky dory in few days. All the best!

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