Gayatri Raichandani

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Oct 16, 2015

Hello all, My baby is 2 months old. He gets up every 2 hours for feed. Sometimes it gets difficult for me to reach him if i am out n expressing everytime doesnot solve the purpose. Need information on by when the interval between feedings will increase.

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Purnima Manoj

| Oct 17, 2015

Till the tym baby is 6 months old try to have a very healthy, nutritious and protein rich diet itself so that the fees u give to baby is Good. Regarding the intervals, it depends on babies and their appetite. What they intake is just milk and liquids used to absorbed by their bodies easily.

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Gayatri Raichandani

| Oct 17, 2015

Thanks Seema for the info. But my milk supply is not a problem. Baby gets sufficient milk in every feeding process. Its just that I am lil inquisitive about his time intervals that by when babies increase their feeding gaps.

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seema Katti

| Oct 16, 2015

My baby also demanded feeding frequently.. but sometimes u must also see for if baby is crying for some other reasons and not bcoz he is hungry. At d same time you must try foods. that increase milk production like methi ke ladoo, khaskhas kheer, aleem kheer. But with time baby's frequent feeds will also decrease.

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