Neha Taneja

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Nov 08, 2015

Hi, my lo is one month old. I breastfeed him from one side only as he becomes cranky if i feed him from other side. Is it ok to feed from one side ?? I try feeding him from other side everyday but he becomes supercranky and i am left with no option than to feed him from one side. please suggest

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mouldgy shruthi

| Nov 13, 2015

Hi i have been through the same situation with my son. Try offering the otherside wen ur baby is sleepy. Dnt force ur baby as it will not work. But keep in mind tht u hav 2 feed frm both the breasts. Otherwise there will be difference in their sizes

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Vishika Thadani

| Nov 09, 2015

hi, if he is not feeding on other side, you can express milk from that side & feed him. Always remember baby should be fed from both side... you may have problem in breast at later stage if he is feeding on one side.

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Medini Gaddikeri

| Nov 09, 2015

i had breast abcess and milk on one side reduced so had to feed my baby only one side, only thing u will have one breast huge and one small little odd at times other than that it will not effect milk supply

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syl jerin

| Nov 08, 2015

Hi try wearing a nipple shield and feed ur lo. wenever ur baby wakes up first give it on that side. it works.

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| Nov 08, 2015

It happens with most of the children as from one side flow of milk is smooth. So babies enjoy feeding from the side they can get food easily. Bt one thing you have to take care is do take out milk from other side of breast by using ur hands n press. U can get it out in a vessel which is sterilised so det u may feed it to ur child by dropper in case but don't leave it for long time if it's not used in an hour throw it n wash vessel n sterilise again. Another thing you can try is when ur baby is too hungry force him to take from that side after some fussiest he may. suck. But don't stress yourself n d baby. Take care

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shradha patel

| Nov 08, 2015

You need to feed from both d sides... Plzzz try other positions of breastfeeding. It ll help u. Football position may help you.

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