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Brownish teeth

Priyanka Amberkar

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Jul 12, 2015

Hi, My child is 22 months old have his front 4 teeth of little bit brown colour. I checked with my doctor as well, but she said its ok as its just milk teeth and he will get new teeth later and that is not a cavity problem. But still iam worried. I make him brush his teeth twice. As he is 22 months old its difficult to make him brush properly. Kindly suggest if someone have the same problem.

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Jyotsna Singh

| Jul 14, 2015

PRiYaNka if you are giving an iron supplement named ferrous or similar it could be one of the reason . Stop giving that and you may see results in months. Teeth will clean with regular brushing by you, hopefully it help you. :)

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Priyanka Amberkar

| Jul 13, 2015

Thanku Simran. But is there any solution to clean the teeth.

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simran sharma

| Jul 13, 2015

It is due to excess use of flouride that is toothpaste or due to antibiotics . Make sure your child rinse well after brushing and give him pea sized paste . :)

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