Mouldgy Shruthi

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Oct 29, 2015

Hi my child is two months old. After every feed I constantly try to burp him but he doesnt. He does it after a long gap of time. What should I do to burp him instantly after feed??

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ami p

| Oct 31, 2015

Hi I think we all pass through this my baby used to take say 10 mins to burp initially and would give instant burp when my husband does and I had to try for 10 to 15 mins. But slowly he got adjusted and now burps. If your is not giving burp try to use patting in different strokes. Make baby lie on bed say for a min and burp him again this might help as allow the air to get settles and even if babyis not burping just keep baby vertical for 15 mins this will avoid the gas issue Regards, Briju

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Swathi Rao

| Oct 30, 2015

U need to be patient. It do takes some time. I know its bit difficult as my baby too had d same problem. But we have no choice regarding this

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Dr Krishnaveni Sharath

| Oct 29, 2015

same used to happen to me. dont worry. burp after every feedatleast for 5 min

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Upasna Bhanot

| Oct 29, 2015

Hi ladies, My kid had the same issue initially but now at 3 1/2 months he sometimes burps instantly sometimes takes time. Incase baby goes off to sleep make him lie sideways (post drinking milk), if baby is awake hold him on your shoulder for 15 minutes atleast all this will enable baby not to Womit or blocking of wind pipe. Hope this helps Regards

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| Oct 29, 2015

Hi my child is 3 month old I too facing da same problem, burping won't hppn it takes very long time.

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