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Gss Himabindu

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Feb 10, 2016

I have been burping my little one putting her on my shoulders since her birth.... since when she stepped into her third month... am not getting any burp even if i do that for long time.... so i have started making her sit on my lap and do the burp.... its working sometimes ..... but again wheb she goes to sleep she feels uneasy and gets hiccups.... what shoyld i do to get her burp quickly.

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Suchita Singh

| Feb 12, 2016

hiccups in babies is not an issue its said that they hiccup and increase stomach size :)

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| Feb 10, 2016

My baby also takes a burp with great difficulty. However even i have noticed that keeping the baby straight on your shoulder helps. Also try not to be very gentle while rubbing the back for a burp.

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Gss Himabindu

| Feb 10, 2016

Thank u preeti... i will try holdng her straight for some time

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| Feb 10, 2016

You can burp her after immediate feed. Though many times baby don't burp easily. You can hold her straight after fee this helps sometime.

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