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Can I start Galact granules now as my daughter is now 1. 5 months, will this be effective?

Priyanka Dudeja

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Jan 15, 2016

I want to increase breast milk and tried zeera earlier. I am starting galact granules now, will that be effective? My doc hss suggested me to increase formula feed so that my baby dnt feel hungry, I want my baby to more depend on mothers milk rather than formula . What are home remedies that I can try now when my baby is Arnd 2 months, it is very depressing that I m dependent more on top feed rather than mine

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Nupur Tiwari

| Jan 17, 2016

No need to worry. i faced the same problem kore so ever as I had a big baby 4 2 kgs.. hence his feed demand was more . I started taking lactonic granules 3 times a day in a glass of milk each time. then after 15 days also added lactare tablets to my food routine. and my baby was exclusively breastfed till 6 months. To better your supply also introduce a manual breast pump to your schedule .after u hv fed the baby u can always empty your breast by a pump.. as babies do jot empty it fully. that way the brain gets signal of the vacuum and releases hormones to make more milk. (I am still breastfeeding my child).

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Haritima Pandey

| Jan 16, 2016

Ya galact granuals is effective.. My doc suggested to me. I m also having. Galact I m using regular with tht doc gave lactare capsules. BT lactare capsules only fr one mnth.

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