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Can we start semi solids for 5 month old baby.

Neerja Ahuja

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Jan 26, 2016

Hello, I am a mom of 5 month old baby. Can I start with some semi solids for him or I should wait until 6 months completion.

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Kavita Thaker

| Apr 18, 2016

Hi I started to feed my baby with some fruits n veggies boiled (both). Also introduced 1 or 2 veggies at a time now feeding him mix veggies. u can add honey or rock salt a little just for taste. Hope it helps.

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gayatri chadwa

| Jan 27, 2016

A baby should be on breastfeed till 6 months. But it is ok if you start semi solid food arnd 5-5. 5 months.. please consult with your peads before you start anything.

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Madhavi M

| Jan 26, 2016

@Neeraja: generally, we have to start the solid foods from 4 months . The best choice is that, introduce the cereals (cerelac) first , if the baby doesn't have any food allergies after 3-4 days then continue the same food but the meal times should not exceed 3 times bcozz babies have very little stomach and to digest the food it will take time. After couple of weeks (2-3 weeks) then start the green vegetables and fruits either morning or afternoon sometimes replace with the cereals. In 6 months, start giving idly, sujji, rice .

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