Change in sleep behaviour

Kavita Kulkarni

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Nov 23, 2015

Hi all. My baby is 7 months now. She used to sleep through the night since her 2 months. Since last month she is waking up 2-3 minimum and she wants only breast feed. She takes it for 1 hour. I have started working out and weaning since 1 month. Please jelp how to manage this s

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kavita kulkarni

| Nov 24, 2015

Thanks amrita. I have started semisolid feed now

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Amrita Mukherjee

| Nov 24, 2015

Hi Kavita. I have 2 kids and I feel babies do change their sleeping behaviour from time to time. Your baby is 7 months old I hope you are giving her solid food also besides breastfeed, as only milk is not sufficient for her now, may be thats why she is taking an hour for taking the feed. Try to give her solid food so that her stomach is full and she sleeps well as hunger will disturb her sleep. Try it i hope it works.

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