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Changes in child behaviour


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Sep 21, 2015

My son is 1yr nd 3months old. from 3 weeks he chang3ed a lot... he became very aggresive nd cranky. he hiting nd slapping everyone. no eating properly. nd main thing he is very afraid to new peoples nd new places. at looking new people and at new places he starts crying like anything. and his crying is so loud nd vommit also. Before he was not like that vy friendly he was. now he want to be only with me. in 3 weeks he became vy thin also. Sorry for long writing. but i need help.. as vy tired nd worried mother.

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| Sep 22, 2015

Thanks a lot zanzil patel

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Priyanka Baragade

| Sep 21, 2015

Hiii my daughter is 20mnths old she eats home made food bt she doesnt likes normal khichi which i make adding ne 1 lentil or vegetable can gt sum idea as how to feed her rice in differnet mannr n also ne sweet potato receipe for her

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Zanzanil Patel

| Sep 21, 2015

Hi manisha, your working is completely understandable. By the age of 13-15 months kids learn to express what they want. The understand when you talk to them in very small sentences. They start understanding single word instructions with the help of your expression and gestures. And boys have a tendency to get aggressive. My son is the same age. When ever he gets physical with me I just hold him firmly n tell him no. In a very firm calm and loving voice tell him to not do it. They are very smart. They sense your confidence and react accordingly. So I'd say whatever works for you. Make sure I do it with confidence. The moment they sense you're nervous they'll work their way out.

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