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Changing Feeding bottles

Suresh Reddy

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Feb 05, 2016

Hi, we are using Philips Avent feeding bottles for our 4 months old baby girl. I am just wondering how often we shall change the bottles and nipples. Your guidance will be very much appreciated. Thanks..

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| Oct 14, 2016

hi preeti which bottle is best?

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akshita malhotra

| Oct 11, 2016

Hi! When it comes to feeding bottles, make sure you keep a good check. Obviously, this is about feeding milk so you cannot take any risk. The slightest mistake in maintaining or cleaning can lead to severe infections to your baby. If its about changing bottles; it is preferred after every 4-6 months. For nipples – change after 1-2 months on an average. But if you see cracks on bottle or nipples or anything which can cause harm to your baby, please change immediately. Hope it helps!

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Suresh Reddy

| Feb 06, 2016

Hello Nitin, thanks alot for the information. Preethi even I thought bottles need to be changed for every 3 month. Now it is clear for us.

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| Feb 06, 2016

I use to change in every two months

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| Feb 05, 2016

Hi Suresh! As recommended by Avent, The bottles are recommended to be changed in every 6 months. The nipples however need to be changed at least every 3 months.

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