Chewing and tasting, finger and hand

Arun Kumar Veerappan

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Nov 03, 2015

Hi There, I've a 4 months old boy. He's started to show interesting in tasting his fingers (not one but all 4 fingers in each hand) in recent times. If I pull it off, he shows discomfort gestures. How can I make him forget chewing/tasting his fingers and hand.

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Anantharaman S

| Nov 04, 2015

Have you tried teething toys? This is mainly due to the soothing effect on the gums that the baby needs. There are some gels as well which gives a soothing effect to the gums. Having said these, this behaviour is very common and it will go away in a while.

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tania sethi

| Nov 04, 2015

My son who completed his 3 months just before 2 days also doing the same things... when I am trying to put his hand out of his mouths he becomes very hyperactive and started crying...

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Anupama Sheregar

| Nov 03, 2015

This cn be relatd to teethin.. same happ wid ma son as his gums startd swellin ard 4 mths U cn put clean cotton mittens in baby hands fr smtime so dat sm distraction happens.. its jst temprory activity dnt worry very soon baby vil learn to turn on sides n vil get busy wid new activities..

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mouldgy shruthi

| Nov 03, 2015

Hi my lil one is also doing the same thing. And if I try to pull out his hand he starts crying. He is not even taking his feed properly now. Anyone pls suggest.

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