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Jane Santhosh

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Sep 21, 2015

My son is 1 .1 yr old. Since a week he has become very cranky fussy n aggressive. Doesnt want to play eat or sleep. he kerps demanding for things like slippers n iron bx. when he gets up from sleep he immediately starts asking for iron box. not able to understand what to do. day n night he cries n shows temper. he clingy to me all the time. wants to b carried all the time. Is this normal. Pls suggest . How long will this phase last.

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jane santhosh

| Sep 28, 2015

Thank you for your response. Yes my son did fall sick he had fever due to infection. Maybe as you said it was a sign he was gonna fall sick. As a ftm I couldn't judge it right and thought its a drastic change in his behavior. Now touchwood my son is less cranky and playful. Also his obsession with iron box has gone. Thank you guys once again for your advice and support.

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| Sep 27, 2015

Hi santosh.. just check his activities. . if he is active during the day and eats reasonable .. then u can b less worried... bt this might b a reason of his upcoming illness...

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| Sep 22, 2015

Hi Jane. Your son's change in behavoir could be related to teething or a growth spurt, which could be physical or mental/emotional. He could also be getting less sleep. Keep an eye on his diet, sleep and physical activity. It will be easier to pin point a reason for his sudden change in behavior.

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