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ARChaya Devi

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Mar 19, 2013

dear all,I am chaya and my daugher name is sanjana and her age is 2. 7 old. now a days i cannot control my daughter, she simply cries without any reason. please any body suggest me what for she cries.  

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| Mar 19, 2013

Hi Chaya. If your daughter's behaviour has suddenly changed, then there could be some reason behind it, for example a change in her immediate surrounding. She is at an age where you could sit her down and talk to her. You may ask her if there is something bothering her as Neena suggested that if you are away at work all day, she could be missing you. On the other hand, after the age of two years, toddlers find it very easy to express their desires by throwing a tantrum (hence this age is sometimes referred to as the 'terrible twos'). What would be more helpful is if you could tell us instances where she breaks down. The other fellow parents could then share their suggestions. Children goes through phases of change in behaviour and this too shall pass :) Take care.

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| Mar 19, 2013

Dear Chaya. Please do not worry. Try to find the cause of this excessive crying. Your profile says that you are an entrepreneur. Is it possible that your daughter misses you when you are not around or perhaps these days a lot of your time and energy is being consumed by your work. Your child is at the beautiful age of in between 2 and 3. She will use various ways to express her dislike for things. Her crying may be her way of letting you know that something needs your attention. Could it be possible that she is being inappropriately treated when you are not around. There is always a reason for children's extreme behavior. Please relax and try to find out what may be bothering your little girl, at home or at school. take care..

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