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Child of 3 yrs doesn't listen to parents -3. 5yrs

Divya Bhagat

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Nov 02, 2015

I have a neighbour whose sone is 5yrs old n my daughter is 3 yr old..... she wants to go n play there after 9pm also inspite of spending whole eve playing together..... how to control dis? We are working parents n hve a care taker at home which she is fond off n enjoys to play..... pls advice how to handle this?

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Jaqlyn Reddy

| Jan 06, 2016

What about being strict with them, since they need to be in control, if too much fun then they won't listen later as they grow big year by year. It's better to teach some discipline from this age since its difficult later.

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merlin suji

| Nov 03, 2015

HELLO all , My daughter is also 3 yrs old. and she behave exactly same with the opposite home boy. I have no problem in leaving her in opposite home. but in nighttime its an problem. the only weapon I use is... diverting her... I will start some interesting games... or allowing her to play video games.... barbie movies... etc. then she come back to normal. then I tell her "if u sit in opposite home how u get a chance to play this game... u r soo lucky ...u came back.. and we got this game too"... and my daughter is like"yes mummy... its true.. now tomm I go"

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Zanzanil Patel

| Nov 03, 2015

Hii Divya, Your daughter is probably just looking for some fun time. Try n spend some time with her doing some fun activities. Kids wanting fun can't be controlled, they can just be diverted.

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